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Solar Panel Installation Process

The Site Evaluation

During the on-site evaluation, the installer comes to your home to verify the planned system design. The installer will check the roof and attic, electrical configuration and battery placement (if applicable).

System Design Approval

At this point, the results of the site assessment have come in and any necessary changes now need to be approved. If there have been changes from the original design, the owner can review those changes and provide feedback, or approve the final design before submitting it for permit approval. Not only is the design checked for aesthetics, but also the electrical work and system output.

Permit Approval

Permit approval is required for everyone installing a solar system to be in compliance with safety codes (fire, electrical, and structural). The installer will submit permitting documents, such as the design approved in the previous phase, to the city for approval.


Installation only takes a few days, usually one or two. You don't even have to be home during installation. That's when you let the professionals do their job and you can rest assured that their work is quality

Final City Inspection

Once the installation is complete, the city inspector comes out to make sure that everything has been done in alignment with the scope of work that was permitted

Utility Connection

The last step in getting your solar system up and running is for the utility company to approve the connection of the system to their grid. The owner/installer applies for grid connection by showing the contract and the scope of work that has been installed. The utility representative will inspect the project to make sure it conforms to the utility's guidelines.


First Contact

Reach Out To Us By Email Or Phone

When you first contact our team, you can expect to have one of our team members reach out within 12 hours. Once we discuss with you the type of project that can benefit you the most, we then will schedule a meeting at the location in which you would like to have the panels installed.

Financing Options

We Help The Whole Way Through

Once we agree to the perfect set-up for you, we then help you with getting the best financing. We work with the banks, insurance companies, and the government to provide you the most cost effective way to gain your independence.


We're On Location

While the installation times vary from project to project, our team makes sure to work within the guidelines you set forth. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and making sure to leave every job as clean as when we first showed up.